BMAN and the noise adventures

Stop-motion animation

Ruolo: editing, compositing, Vfx.

BMAN is on his bed. Suddenly the radio grows in size and BMAN gets sucked in the radio. Inside it, he has to escape from freakish creatures who try to disassemble him. With his intelligence he will manage to get out from the radio.


Story: Francesco Boerio, Francesco Calabrese, N.A.M.B., Gabriele Ottino, Luca Bonavita
Storyboard artist: Fabio Tonetto
Animation: Francesco Boerio, Fabio Tonetto
Compositing: Fabrizio Bonaga, Donato Canosa
Set Design & Puppets: Francesco Boerio
Vfx: Donato Canosa, Fabrizio bonaga, Luigi Sorbilli
Editing: Donato Canosa
Production manager: Davide Tomat
3d: Lorenzo Gianotti Pret
Image editing: Francesco Boerio. Massimo Russo. Fabrizio Bonaga, Luigi Sorbilli, Donato Canosa
Sound design: Gup Alcaro, Gabriele Ottino, Davide Tomat
Music: N.A.M.B.
Bman Design: maq4ka / Maya Von Moon
Label: Monotreme Records (UK)